Flood Boundary Hide and Seek

Flood boundary Hide & Seek

What are we looking for?

Where in the rocks of the earth is the Genesis flood. According to YEC, the flood covered the whole world for a year about 4,340 years ago. YECs also believe that almost all of the fossils we find buried around the world were created during the flood. So we want to find where the flood of Noah ended.

Why is this important? (Quotes from YEC geologists)

  1. “Placement of the Flood/ post-Flood boundary is crucial to understanding Earth’s geologic history” Roy Holt Paper
  2. “Where one places the end of the Flood determines how much of the fossil record is attributed to the Flood itself and how much to geological instability.” Steven Robinson paper
  3. “The placement of the Flood/post-Flood boundary in sedimentary rocks is important within Flood geology. The placement of the boundary affects our view of the Flood, such as its catastrophic extent, the detail of events, the amount and intensity of post-Flood geological events.” Michael Oard paper

So what are the options?

YECs believe that most of the rocks and fossils we have today are a result of the flood. But there are a couple of different views. Below is a picture showing the two most popular positions.

Orange arrow – Late Flood View – Blue Arrow – Standard K-Pg View

Those don’t actually seem that far apart. But lets look at the Geologic Scale of America

The black arrow is the Pleistocene\/Pliocene line

Wow. If we accept the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary that means a LOT of rocks and fossils were laid down during the flood. Okay, let’s take a look at the Pli/Plei Boundary and see if that is the best candidate…

Here is our first clue. Let’s look at the fossil mammals that have been found on either side. To do this we’re going to use https://paleobiodb.org/navigator/ Then we are going to type in the Family name for Sloth and Kangaroo and then click on the appropriate time interval.

Now let’s take a look at two of the most commonly cited problem animals for post-flood dispersal: sloths and kangaroos.

Pre Flood Kangaroo

Post-Flood Kangaroo

Pre-Flood Sloth

Post Flood Sloth

Well, that’s awfully weird. So all the kangaroos from before the flood were in Australia and then they migrated back there? Same with the sloths?

You should try it out yourself. Plug away a bunch of different animals and you’ll find that they appear in one area before the flood and then back in the same area after the flood….puzzling.

But don’t take my word for it. Dr. Marcus Ross is a paleontologist who works with Is Genesis History? team. He is a YEC. Here are some of his papers where he explores the same problem.




Alright, well we can scratch the Plio/Pleio boundary off the list. On to the next one!

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