3 Surprising Facts about Horse Baraminology


I am a Christian and therefore a creationist. I am honestly exploring science and the Scriptures to understand human and animal origins. I have spent the last year investigating YEC science. As I read respected YEC scientists (Kurt Wise, Todd Wood, Marcus Ross, Matt McClain) the more the YEC position becomes less convincing.

The four names that I listed above are actual Ph.D. Paleontologists/Biologists. Each of them is a published scientist and contributes to the Genesis Is History YT Channel. Wood is a big name in YEC science. He has almost single-handedly carried the study of Baraminology forward over the past ten years with his CORE Group. Introductions aside, let’s get to the facts…

Surprise #1: Horse Evolution in the Textbooks is Sorta True

I’m going to quote directly from Todd Wood about Horse evolution.

“To be blunter than I could be in Answers (In Genesis), the evolutionists got that one right, and we creationists appear to have gotten it wrong.” Todd Wood 2009 Blog

Surpsise #2: Even Answers In Genesis / The Ark Encounter Admits Horse “Evolution” Is True Too

When the Horse Kind is shown on YEC talks the common animals featured are Donkeys, Zebras, and Horses. Something like this:

r/Creation - 3 Surprising Facts about Horse Baraminology

Normal Picture of Horse Kind

But if you visit the Ark Encounter you see this Sign:

r/Creation - 3 Surprising Facts about Horse Baraminology

Sign from Ark Encounter

r/Creation - 3 Surprising Facts about Horse Baraminology


Why is this surprsing?

Well, first of all, these animals look like horses, but they have 3 toes. Secondly, NEVER in the history of YEC science has any member of the horse evolution lineage been accepted prior to the 2000’s and many YEC organizations still refuse to admit Mesohippus is a horse. See Sarfati Article

Surprise #3: Various Horse Genera are Common in the Fossil Record and the Many Horse Fossils have DNA

There are over 10,000 horse fossils stored at the American History of Natural History Annex in New York City. That’s crazy. But even crazier is the level of preservation that we see with horse fossils throughout the U.S. If you are interested watch this YouTube video here.

You will find that Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming, Rancho La Brea, and Gypsum Cave, Nevada all preserve horse fossils (that don’t quite look like modern horses) in such unique conditions that there is actual DNA in the fossilized bones. These weren’t buried by the flood (even by YEC standards) so these are actual horses that existed post-flood.


Besides the data included above. Horses appear in the Bible 157 times. And every time that a horse appears it is described as a domesticated animal used for humans to ride on. It doesn’t appear that any of the Bible writers were familiar with a 3-toed sorta hybrid version of a horse.

So in summary, YECs want to suggest that a single horse kind came off of Noah’s Ark 4,340 years ago or so and diversified into all the horse kinds that have 2, 3, and 1 toes. But the more likely answer is that horses have been around for a lot longer than 6,000 years.

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