Who goes where? The “Created Kind” Puzzle

Created Kind Puzzles

If you have watched any YouTube debates or presentations about created kinds you have probably heard about the most common examples: the Dog Kind, the Horse Kind, the Cat Kind, and the Triceratops kind. But when you press into the YEC material some interesting things emerge…for example, the alleged original kinds (from 4,340 years ago) are wayyyy different than what we see today, some animals are grouped in different kinds that look like they should be the same, and some kinds have way more diversity.

Let’s start with one of the favorites. Cows. Take a look below.

How many kinds do you think are represented?

r/Creation - Who goes where? The "Created Kind" Puzzle?

From Top Left: Musk Ox, Javan banteng, Gaur, American Bison

Answer: Two different Kinds. According to YEC studies a Musk Ox is actually a part of the sheep/goat kind. That’s weird right? But do you know what is weirder? Cow-Alopes.

Let’s go to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and see what Ken Ham has to say about the “Cow-alope Kind”

r/Creation - Who goes where? The "Created Kind" Puzzle?

Sign from Ark Encounter Blog

r/Creation - Who goes where? The "Created Kind" Puzzle?

Cow Kind at Ark Encounter

Wow….that is pretty unexpected right? I mean the Ark Encounter does admit that the original cow kind looks awfully antelope-like. But that is not what I imagine when I think of a cow.

Okay let’s try another one.

How many kinds are represented below?

r/Creation - Who goes where? The "Created Kind" Puzzle?

From Top left: African Civet, Common Raccoon, Raccoon Dog, Red Panda

Answer: 4 Different Kinds. Yep, each one of these guys who we would naturally group together as the “Raccoon Kind” are actually 4 different kinds. According to AiG the African Civet is in the Viverridae Kind, the Raccoon is a Kind with Coatis, the Raccoon is in the Dog Kind, and the Red Panda is the lone guy in the Red Panda Kind. Strange…but how about this one?

r/Creation - Who goes where? The "Created Kind" Puzzle?

From Top Left: Honey Badger, Southern Sea Otter, New York Weasel, Saharan Striped Polecat

Answer: 1 Kind. That’s right. You would think that there is a badger, otter, and weasel kind. But nope all 22 genera and 59 species of these animals are in their own kind. That’s a lot of “Genetic Variability” built into the Mustelid kinds. In fact, it is surprising because I have never seen a badger give birth to an otter. But I guess it happened some 4,340 years ago according to Answers in Genesis.

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