Are Young Earth Creation Scientists playing the game wrong?

Short answer: Often, yes.

Long answer + Backstory:

One of the advantages of disconnecting from Reddit and Social Media for a year is that I was able to spend a lot of time exploring the issues we so passionately discuss from multiple angles. When I read the post today by u/ImTheTrueFireStarter it brought back to mind a fascinating forum that I read….

r/Creation - Are Young Earth Creation Scientists playing the game wrong?

The Creation Project

The Creation Project is run by the Henry Center of Theological Inquiry in partnership with Trinity Evangelical. It has everything a Creationist could hope for- academic pedigree and a foundation of Conservative Evangelical Christianity. In a 2019 symposium, a group of scholars each represented five various stances on Creationism (the moderator was YEC).

r/Creation - Are Young Earth Creation Scientists playing the game wrong?

The Cover Art for Symposium

The YEC position was defended by the most underrated player on Team YEC: Marcus Ross.

r/Creation - Are Young Earth Creation Scientists playing the game wrong?

Dr. Marcus Ross (on left) Dr. Kurt Wise (on right)

The question that started the written debate was the following: “Is it really tenable to be a young earth creationist in the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence that counts against it?”

I was completely caught off-guard by Ross’s response and it really made me think a lot about my approach to Christianity, Creation, Science, etc. Seriously, read his essay In the conversation riffs off of Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game and discusses how creationists have been playing the wrong game for a long time. Here is a quote from Ross.

If I can rephrase, the question asks “How can young earth creationists keep playing the game of science? Don’t you know you’ve already lost?” I submit that this question misunderstands the kind of activity in which I am involved. Put simply, my goal as a young earth creationist and scientist is to discover the works of God through his created world, guided by his inspired Word.

Basically, Ross is saying that nature, science, growing in Christ- they are all infinite games. There is no Winning them. But YECs have been playing the games like they are a Finite Game. He’s going to step on some toes but here are three quotes…

  1. Listen to the Language

If we think about it, the misapplication of finite-game strategies to “win” the infinite game of discovery abounds in creation-evolution rhetoric. I won’t speak for the other positions, but at least within young earth creation, this has certainly been the case. As evidence, consider the scores of books and articles that claim to have “defeated,” “demolished,” and “refuted” evolution, or predicted its imminent collapse.

r/Creation - Are Young Earth Creation Scientists playing the game wrong?

Point Taken…

2. Withing Fruit

But this is an infinite game and I have observed that when opponent-focused strategies are employed over the long-term, the fruits of the Spirit wither.

Ouch. I’ve seen that in my life.

3. Anti-Evolutionism is Fruitless

Anti-evolutionism is of little use to us because showing that other positions are wrong does not necessitate that our position is right.

This can be applied to all sides of the debate in many ways….


I hope you take the time to read Dr. Marcus Ross’s essays and the various other responses that are linked once you get to the HTCU landing page. I don’t expect that one post like this changes the whole subreddit. I mean we do come here to debate and discuss and we enjoy it.

But just remember we are playing an Infinite Game.

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